Northern Ontario-Based Caisse Alliance Onboards with Celero to Achieve Digital Transformation

May 2, 2024 – One of the largest financial cooperatives in Ontario has adopted Celero’s suite of technology services for credit unions and caisses populaires, including Celero Xpress digital banking powered by ebankIT, Fiserv DNA core banking, integration services and managed services, to advance its digital capabilities in serving its over 55,000 members.

The implementation of these services, which took place over a two-year period and implemented over a single weekend, represents the achievement of Celero’s most complex and largest conversion in its 20-year history, in part because of Caisse’s French-English language requirements for digital banking and core banking services.

“As an industry leader, we selected Celero as a provider to help us deliver the digital experience our members are seeking because of their safe, user-friendly, modern, fully integrated technology offering and deep expertise in helping financial cooperatives successfully adopt these solutions,” says Pierre Dorval, President and Chief Executive Officer, Caisse Alliance, an organization with $2.4B in assets and 26 branches across Northern Ontario.

“We have been privileged to work with unparalleled partners, such as Celero. Converting to the new platforms and making it available in both official languages was an extensive and innovative project. It has been an overall positive experience, and our members and staff have been using Celero’s portfolio of services since October 23, 2023,” Dorval adds.

Collaborative, Proven Migration Process Drives Successful Transformation

Celero has completed close to 200 mergers and conversions in the last two decades, but Caisse Alliance’s conversion was singularly unique because of the platform considerations, language requirement and scale of required services.

“We value the partnership, communication and cooperation of the Caisse Alliance teams as we completed the most complex and largest conversion in a single migration window. Working collaboratively with our clients is one of our guiding principles in this type of conversion, and the support of the Caisse Alliance team played a significant role in a secure and seamless adoption of these services,” says Richard Hannah, Chief Executive Officer, Celero.

The Cloud Advantage

With the successful adoption of these services, Caisse Alliance joins financial cooperatives from coast to coast who are benefitting from Celero’s commitment to continuous improvement, which is evidenced by Celero’s continued advancement towards its goal to become one of the first cloud-hosted services providers for the financial service industry by June 2024.

Caisse’s selection of Celero also demonstrates a shared commitment between the two organizations to harness the unique opportunities of cloud technology in driving organizational transformation to meet the evolving needs of credit union and caisse populaire members.

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About Caisse Alliance

Caisse Alliance is a key economic driver in Northern Ontario. As a preferred financial partner, Caisse Alliance achieved growth of 58% since its merger on January 1, 2018. With 26 branches located in 24 communities, and nearly 400 employees, Caisse Alliance is privileged to offer quality financial services to more than 55,000 members.

Proud to support regional economic development, Caisse Alliance is a concrete example of cooperation. For more information, visit

About Celero

Celero is a leading provider of IT solutions to credit unions and financial institutions across Canada. As a digital technology and integration company, Celero has a proven track record delivering innovative banking technologies, digital and payment solutions, hosting, cloud computing, outsourcing and advisory services.

Celero offers reliability and security through its world-class hosted banking system and delivers proven strategy and IT execution services. With key partnerships across the globe, Celero also brings the scale and extensive capabilities of multinational technology companies and the focused expertise of FinTech startups. For more information, visit