Managed SIEM Services

Detect, analyze and respond to cyber security threats

Get an enterprise-wide view into your security

Shift your focus from basic compliance to explicit risk management and proactive event response with our complete, industry leading solution.

Understand how secure your IT environment is with Celero’s Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). This solution gives you a complete view of security events across your organization, helping you respond quickly to threats.

Managed siem capabilities

Discussing technical issues

A sophisticated cyber security monitoring solution

  • Analytics focused on identifying suspicious and malicious behavior
  • Security alert monitoring and notification
  • Monthly technical security reporting
  • Summary report of all security-related incidents
  • Ongoing security policy tuning and recommendations to ensure effective security
  • 24/7 service from highly skilled and experienced staff

Cyber security SIEM Services

Device logging and verification

/ Hardware and software security review

Celero will assist in onboarding of devices into the SIEM solution to ensure that maximum security visibility is achieved. This includes reviewing the appropriate set of servers, applications, infrastructure and security controls to send logs to the SIEM solution. This review will also include the desired logging levels and events to be analyzed.

Security monitoring setup and configuration

/ Setting a foundation for monitoring and responding to threats

Celero’s Managed Security Services will ensure that the SIEM solution has an effective initial policy to identify suspicious and malicious behaviour. This policy tuning and alert monitoring setup takes place during onboarding and is ongoing. We review, setup and configure use-cases that focus on foundational security monitoring and response. Enables 24/7/365 security detection, qualification and remediation support.

Service security monitoring and alerts

/ 24/7/365 threat detection

We continuously monitor the SIEM solution to identify suspicious and malicious behaviour from device logs. Our dynamic alerting is based on new and relevant security threats, pattern-based activity, and defined use cases to detect inappropriate behaviour. All alerts are qualified and triaged by advanced security operations centre personnel and actioned appropriately based on severity levels.

Incident management

/ Mitigating cyber security threats

Celero will continuously monitor core security assets on a 24/7/365 basis. Once an alert is detected, our security analysts will qualify the event, and provide support to contain, eradicate, and recover from the cyber security attack. Celero may offer additional services to perform recovery services such as rebuilding of servers and laptops.

System optimization

/ Stay current on security detection

As security threats continue to evolve, so too does your SIEM policy and detection engine. We continuously tunes the SIEM platform to identify new attack patterns and identify suspicious and malicious behaviour.

Ongoing detailed technical reporting

/ Access to information on technical threats

On a monthly basis Celero will provide detailed technical reporting. These reports contain valuable information on technical threats and can often reveal common trends and security areas for improvement.


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