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Simple, secure and seamless integration so members can do their banking anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Deliver exceptional digital banking experiences to your members with Celero Xpress™, powered by ebankIT. Celero Xpress is designed to meet the needs of Canadian credit unions and financial institutions, allowing you to better serve commercial, retail and small business members through this intuitive digital banking platform.

Celero Xpress is easy to deploy for web and mobile banking channels. The platform can integrate with any core banking system and many other banking technologies using modern APIs and a flexible architecture to link applications seamlessly. This fully cloud-based solution offers single or multi-tenant support and advanced cybersecurity measures to protect you and your members.

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Mobile and online banking

/ Easy and intuitive banking in just a click

Celero Xpress takes a mobile-first design approach to ensure that the mobile app experience and online banking experience are equally as good for members. A mobile-first design approach is essential because a majority of digital banking users prefer to access their accounts using their smartphones. Mobile and online banking on Celero Xpress features a fully customizable user interface so credit unions can personalize the look and feel of digital banking channels to align with their brand and ensure they stand out. Members have access to a comprehensive dashboard that displays all of their accounts, financial history, favorite transactions and more. Credit unions can personalize campaigns for members in-app and through online banking to drive promotions and gain valuable insights about members.

Integrated content management system

/ Unify digital banking and your public website

Celero Xpress includes an integrated content management system (CMS) that allows credit unions to align their public website with digital banking channels. This fully-customizable CMS gives you the power to deliver a comprehensive modern digital experience across all online member touchpoints.

Branch front office and back office management system

/ Gain insight, flexibility and control

Optimize your back-end processes for digital channel management with a comprehensive branch front office (BFO) and back office command centre that allows you to configure systems and perform digital banking administrative functions without requiring IT support. Manage documents, send secure messages to members with automated canned responses and send important alerts via SMS, email or push notification all within a single management system. This robust management system also allows you to access real-time performance data, campaign insights and analytics to help you optimize digital banking service delivery for members.

Digital banking onboarding

/ Completely paperless account opening in an instant

Give members the ability to open a new account for chequing, savings and more with frictionless digital onboarding. Retail and business members can complete the onboarding process in less than ten minutes using online or mobile banking. The entire process is fully digital, without the need to download and print documents or visit a branch. The Celero Xpress digital onboarding process is adapted to meet regional credit union regulatory and compliance requirements, providing credit unions with the information they need for account openings without asking members to give unnecessary permissions or information.

API integration

/ Fuel future innovation

Celero Xpress is designed for continuous innovation, with pre-built connectors that allow you to easily add new tools or functionalities to your digital banking suite and connect to legacy core banking systems. Accelerate your technology roadmap by delivering new leading-edge features that address market changes and the needs of your members today and in the future.

ebankIT Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform

ebankIT Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform

ebankIT Integration Layer ebankIT Integration Layer
With pre-built connectors, the integration layer acts as a bridge between any core banking system and the digital banking platform. 
ebankIT Business Layer ebankIT Business Layer
The business layer allows you to easily deploy digital banking out of the box, accelerating your digital shift with integrated platform management tools and a comprehensive security centre. 
ebankIT Studio ebankIT Studio
Get access to a lowcode, fully Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that enables rapid development of applications and services with ebankIT Studio. 
Back Office Channels Back Office Channels
With back office channels, you’re fully empowered to independently manage digital banking platform administration, complete business analysis functions and execute day-to-day workflows. 
Customer Channels Customer Channels
Customer channels allow you to offer your members the ability to bank from anywhere using online, mobile banking and more. 
Front Office Channels Front Office Channels
Engage your members with branch front office tools and a customer management center that allow you to run campaigns on your digital channels, collect audience insights, send messages and alters. 
API Gateway API Gateway
The API Gateway connects financial institutions with a growing ecosystem of partners that provide complementary technologies to expand your digital banking suite. 

An all-in-one platform

Loans, payments, transfers, cards, opening new accounts and much more.

Discover our mobile-optimized platform that fulfills the highest quality and security standards, enabling members to connect, authenticate and perform banking operations on any device.

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