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Global fintech providers to expand your product suite

Celero Xchange Integrated Partners

Advanced digital integration

Celero Xchange™ is currently able to accelerate the successful integration of third-party vendors into our digital ecosystem. We’re proud to work with global fintech providers.

Current integrations


Celero Xpress


QCash Financial



CU Dealer Finance Corporation

Future planning

Integration roadmap

The Celero Xchange™ roadmap includes multiple solutions that leverage our exciting integration capabilities and expand the limitless potential of our digital ecosystem. We’ve integrated with many fintech providers and are always looking for new vendors.

Upcoming integrations

asapp OXP



Forge Digital Banking


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Shared API vision leads to effective collaboration between Celero and thirdstream

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Three Canadian credit union move to deepen community connections with selection of Fiserv core platform

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Credit Union Dealer Finance connects to Celero Xchange™, bringing automation and convenience to the vehicle loan process

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Valeyo joins Celero Xchange™ to deliver digital lending solutions to Canadian financial service providers

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