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Celero employee training provides a variety of learning solutions to increase user adoption and inspire employee confidence with new software and tools.

We offer a wide variety of training courses to support your employees. With training, your employees will feel more confident using the new technologies you implement. Our comprehensive programs are designed specifically for credit unions and delivered by knowledgeable subject matter experts with financial industry experience. We strive to combine adult education principles and social learning into an optimal educational solution that is tailored to your organization.

With flexible scheduling and our collection of self-learning courses, virtual classroom technologies, and mobile training lab, your employees can access our courses whenever and wherever.

what our team has to say

Celero’s training team is passionate about learning and development. Our learner-centric model combines the right amount of personal interaction with self-learning to foster an optimal learning environment. In addition to our years of DNA experience and Canadian financial industry expertise, we combine educational best practices with change management principles to help credit union participants get the skills and confidence they need to maintain their credit union’s high standard of customer service.

Kim Hall, Manager, Core Banking Training, Celero

options for learning

We offer blended learning options for enhanced knowledge retention and productivity

Self-led learning

/ Available anytime, anywhere

With the help of our eLearning Management System (eLMS), employees can manage their own learning through virtual sessions complete at their own pace.

Instructor-led virtual classroom

/ Guided training sessions in real-time

Employees can participate in instructor-led training sessions delivered online with participants accessing classes remotely. This option gives employees the ability to ask questions and receive answers in real-time, enhancing the learning experience.

Custom training

/ A training plan tailored to your credit union

Our experts can work with you to build a custom training program that focuses on the specific needs of your employees and credit union. Our tailored plans allow you to devote extra attention to areas where your employees may need additional training and support.

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