Conversational Engagement Platform

On-demand access to member support and advisory services

Celero Xpress Conversational Engagement Platform

Enhance your member experience with digital collaboration tools that help you build relationships and drive revenue.

We’ve partnered with Unblu to deliver a Conversational Engagement Platform that seamlessly integrates with Celero Xpress™. Credit unions can enhance their member contact centres and deliver support right when members need it in online banking, on the mobile app and on their public website.

With Unblu’s Conversational Engagement Platform, members get the same positive in-person experiences they value delivered through digital channels. The platform gives you the power to increase collaboration and improve communication with members using secure messaging and live chat, live voice and video capabilities, co-browsing and screen sharing.

What our team has to say

Celero Xpress™ offers credit union members an intuitive, engaging and secure digital banking experience. By integrating Unblu, our clients can ensure these digital experiences also deliver a personal connection, which is core to the credit union difference. Using Unblu’s Conversational Engagement Platform, we can provide our clients a way to support and guide their members at every step of their digital journey and help them maintain and build upon those close personal relationships that members value.

Deborah Moore, Vice President, Service Delivery at Celero

Discover the Capabilities

Secure messaging and live chat

/ Instant messaging for real-time engagement

With Unblu’s secure messaging and live chat capabilities, you can triage inbound member service requests by gathering member information before starting a chat. Member contact centre representatives can handle multiple conversations and replies in real-time for more efficient service delivery. Secure messaging and live chat is configured according to the necessary regulatory and compliance standards to ensure member information is collected and stored appropriately.

Secure messaging and live chat allows you to:

  • Easily integrate instant messaging functionality into your mobile app and website
  • Deliver a familiar user experience with a WhatsApp-like interface
  • Automatically assign incoming chats to member service representatives
  • Automate responses to initiate a live chat with members and collect basic information
  • Measure member satisfaction after every live chat session with a comprehensive dashboard

Video and voice

/ Keep the human touch on your digital channels

For members who prefer phone or in-person interactions, the Unblu platform offers voice and video capabilities. You can integrate video and voice member service options into your digital channels, allowing members to easily switch from live chat to another communication method. Members can also initiate a request for support via video or voice on the mobile app and website without having to download and install software.

With video and voice, you can:

  • Allow members and member contact centre representatives or advisors to schedule calls in advance to discuss more complex questions
  • Exchange information and documents via the secure messaging feature
  • Collaborate with members using Unblu’s co-browsing feature so member service representatives can see what members see using the screen-sharing functionality
  • Record, encrypt and securely archive conversation records for authorized users to export and store in the appropriate credit union database for compliance purposes

Co-browsing and screen sharing

/ Collaborate with members for next-level support

Co-browsing and screen sharing can help you assist members to find information on your website and mobile app or complete tasks such as filling out online forms, submitting applications, and more. Member service representatives and advisors can guide members through processes without the member ever needing to visit a branch in-person using Unblu’s co-browsing and screen sharing features.

Use co-browsing and screen sharing to:

  • Share an entire screen, a tab of a web browser or an internal application
  • Collaborate with members and guide them through processes — representatives can request control of a member’s mouse or help them type in fillable fields
  • Highlight areas of the screen where representatives need to direct member’s attention
  • Capture visuals from the screen and share them with members in a live chat to save them for later

Easy integration with leading-edge security

  1. Nothing to download
    The platform is completely browser-based and does not require software installation for member contact centre representatives or members.
  2. Fully configurable
    The platform launcher button and interface is fully customizable. Everything including the size, color, logo, and the options your members are given to be able to connect with your credit union are configurable.
  3. Mobile and web-ready
    The platform fully integrates with all digital channels, including the Celero Xpress mobile app, online banking and public website.
  4. Secure and compliant
    Interactions via Unblu are stored for one year from the end of the conversation in a secure database. All communication is managed according to compliance requirements, including full customer history, call recording, collaboration recording, archiving video sessions and encrypting archives.

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