Debit Card Management for Celero Xpress™

Flexible management and protection of debit cards

Celero Xpress Debit Card Management

Empower members to take control of their financial security.

Debit Card Management (DCM) uses Lock’N’Block® technology from our partners at Everlink to deliver fraud management and protection for members. This card-blocking service is seamlessly integrated into online and mobile banking — providing cardholders with flexibility and control over the types of transactions that can be authorized on their accounts.


DCM for Celero Xpress is an optional feature offered through the Celero Marketplace. The Celero Marketplace allows credit unions to customize their digital banking suite of features for members, with trusted third-party fintech integrations that can quickly be connected to your Celero Xpress environment.


What our team has to say

Debit Card Management is an important feature within our ecosystem of fintech offerings for Celero Marketplace. Our partners at Everlink have worked hard to deliver this leading-edge security feature that plugs directly into Celero Xpress. With DCM, credit unions are able to enhance their members’ experience within digital banking by offering additional fraud controls. DCM gives members the power to manage their accounts and transactions when, where and how they choose — which is essential in an ever-evolving cybersecurity threat landscape.

Deborah Moore, Vice President, Service Delivery at Celero

Discover the Capabilities

Autonomy for members

/ Give members total control to authorize transactions

With DCM, members can decide what types of transactions can be authorized on their accounts based on their personal preferences. This feature allows members to “lock” their debit cards with just a toggle. The “lock debit card” function locks your card entirely, meaning no transactions will go through.

Tailored locking preferences

/ Customize which locking options are displayed to members

In addition to complete card locking capabilities, members will have 10 additional locking options for specific card functions. Credit unions can choose which of these 10 locking functions they would like to display to their members. This could include all 10 locking options or a smaller selection based on anticipated member needs.

Locking options include the ability to:

  • Temporarily lock debit cards to prevent all transactions.
  • Lock transactions to restrict activity in select provinces and territories.
  • Lock transactions by merchant category to restrict activity in select provinces and territories.
  • Lock POS transactions to restrict all point of sale purchases within Canada.
  • Lock international POS transactions to restrict all point of sale purchases outside of Canada.
  • Lock ATM transactions to restrict all ATM withdrawals performed within Canada.
  • Lock international ATM transactions to restrict all ATM withdrawals performed outside Canada.
  • Set worldwide ATM and POS “per-transaction” limits for withdrawals and purchases.
  • Lock contactless payments to restrict “tap” and in-app mobile transactions.
  • Lock contactless smart card transactions to restrict NFC and “tap” flash payments.

Ensured member support

/ Integration for member service teams

DCM allows credit union employees to quickly and easily assist members with debit card locking and unlocking requests, with access to the same locking and restricting capabilities that members can access through online and mobile banking.

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