Christian Credit Union’s Digital Transformation Journey to Data Insights and Managed IT

February 20, 2019 — In 2018, Celero and Christian Credit Union worked together to develop a digital transformation roadmap that aligned with their business objectives and goals. After two days of a design thinking workshop, Christian Credit Union was able to identify two key areas of focus:

  • A need for richer member insights
  • Addressing gaps in the management of their IT infrastructure

“Exploring our digital transformation goals through the Celero led design thinking workshop, provided us with a better understanding of where we currently are, where we want to be and what we need to do to get there,” said Ed Dubbeldam, Chief Technology Officer from Christian Credit Union.

Limitless data points, limited insights

The first milestone on Christian Credit Union’s roadmap was to take advantage of their data rich assets to gain a deeper understanding of the member journey. To address this, they will be implementing Celero’s business analytics product, an award winning solution providing actionable intelligence based on transactional data.

Once implemented the team will be able to glean new insights that will drive sales and marketing objectives to increase the share of wallet and reduce member attrition.

“Analytics should not be seen as reports and dashboards. If you need to get tactical and strategic insight about your business and its consumers, you need to find out about the unmet and untold needs and problems,” says Rojin Nair, General Manager of Fintech Solutions at Celero. “Think of analytics as insights that can directly be linked to enhancing a member’s experience. Credit unions should not be intimidated or think it’s a huge undertaking.”

Evolving the management of their IT infrastructure

Like many institutions across the country, Christian Credit Union’s IT team is evolving. Through the process of evaluating their digital transformation goals, current staffing levels and the future of their current team, they were able to identify specific skill sets they require.

From desktop management and cybersecurity to release management and preventative care, Christian Credit Union will be looking to Celero to fill gaps within their current workforce to ensure they can focus on their core operations.

“Celero is excited to expand our relationship with Christian Credit Union and help them accelerate their digital transformation,” said Tom Papagiannopoulos, senior vice president, Managed Services for Celero. “Our role is to ensure their technology infrastructure is capable of delivering a secure world-class member experience.”

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