Open Banking Readiness

Canadian regulators will soon implement guidelines for open banking and credit unions will need to be prepared. At Celero, we have experts who have been researching how open banking has been implemented around the globe, keeping tabs on all the updates that are being shared from governing bodies and actively participating in the open banking dialogue here in Canada. Open banking places consumers at the centre shifting control to them and transforming how they bank. With the right strategic approach, open banking presents an opportunity for credit unions and their members within an expanding financial services competitive ecosystem. With this in mind, our Open Banking Lead, Deborah Moore has developed a three-step approach to help your credit union prepare for the future. 

Step 1: Open banking readiness assessment 

A review of your open banking readiness and recommended actions you need to take to be prepared. 

Step 2: Open banking readiness workshop 

A workshop to help your credit union develop a better understanding of open banking and help set the right strategy to best leverage open banking for your members. 

Step 3: Board members open banking readiness education 

This educational session will ensure that your board members are equipped with the latest information so they can make the best decisions for the members they represent. 

Why Celero for open banking help? 

We actively manage and protect the data for credit unions across Canada. As a result, we are actively engaged with the governing bodies to help shape the guidelines of open banking. In addition, Celero experts are members of industry groups that influence the future of open banking, like the Digital Identify Council of Canada and Paytech’s of Canada.  

Our Open Banking Lead who designed this readiness program, Deborah Moore, holds a Master’s Degree in Co-operatives and Credit Unions and has 20+ years’ experience leading digital transformation for credit unions in Canada. She plays a key role in Celero’s strategic direction and leads consultancy engagements with our credit union partners to help them prepare for the future.  

What our clients are saying 

“Working with Deborah and the digital transformation team at Celero really solidified the work that needs to be done to meet our members’ needs. We have always provided an exceptional in-branch service experience. The challenge was figuring out how to translate this unique personal service into a digital format. We are proud of our long history of top-notch service and our digital channels must build on this. Celero understand this core priority and has helped us move forward. With their guidance and expertise, Weyburn Credit Union is able to remain relevant in all channels now and in the future” 

Don Shumlich, CEO Weyburn Credit Union 

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