Shared API vision leads to effective collaboration between Celero and thirdstream

Through a mutual recognition that every financial institution has a different digital transformation roadmap, and that the need for integration and agility is universal, thirdstream and Celero are experiencing shared success with several digital onboarding implementations.

Most recently, they’ve completed integrations of thirdstream’s cloud-based account opening solution (in-branch and online) into two Saskatchewan credit unions – Innovation Credit Union and Synergy Credit Union. These integrations used Celero Xchange™ digital ecosystem integration platform to seamlessly connect their account opening solution into their core banking system.

These deployments build on other recent successful thirdstream and Celero Xchange integrations with Concentra Bank, Vision Credit Union and Bow Valley Credit Union; Cornerstone Credit Union is currently completing its deployment of Commercial Account opening from thirdstream.

“Celero and thirdstream have a shared perspective that API-driven integration strategies can help Canadian financial institutions realize their transformational goals,” says Barb MacLean, Director, Application Development, Celero.

“APIs facilitate seamless technology integrations by using standardized language that ultimately reduces restrictions and creates choice in our clients’ technology roadmaps. Both thirdstream and Celero are passionate about the opportunities that APIs represent for financial institutions to remain relevant and nimble into the future,” she added.

Driving forward digital transformation during COVID-19
The two organizations have been working together periodically on technology implementations since January 2019. Their complementary API strategies benefit clients seeking thirdstream’s secure and configurable account opening solutions delivered through a platform that accelerates innovation and eliminates interoperability challenges.

“thirdstream is focused on creating simplicity for clients. We automate the consumer acquisition process, providing digitized onboarding solutions centered around configurability, scalability and easy integration into our clients’ core banking systems,” says Keith Ginter, CEO, thirdstream.

“Celero Xchange operates from the same principles, which is why together, our organizations have been able to address clients’ needs especially during this time when meeting physical distancing mandates and supporting unattended customer experiences is getting critical attention. Delivering fully integrated account opening solutions that continually improve accessibility and drive forward digital transformation objectives is critical,” says Ginter.

For both thirdstream and Celero, working together – now and through their clients’ COVID-19 recovery – is about meeting the needs of Canadian credit unions and financial institutions, offering flexibility and choice through a shared vision of the opportunities that API-enabled integrations represent.

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About thirdstream

thirdstream, headquartered in Lethbridge, Alberta, provides digital account opening solutions, online and in-branch, to over forty clients. From identity verification to account funding, thirdstream’s solution set supports consumer acquisition, business onboarding, and unsecured retail lending and credit card adjudication.

The platform is cloud-deployed, designed for retail and business consumers seeking out financial institutions, and for financial institutions targeting consumers anywhere, anytime, from any device. To learn more, visit

About Celero

Celero is a leading provider of digital technology and integration solutions to credit unions and financial institutions across Canada. Clients trust Celero’s proven track record delivering innovative banking technologies, digital and payment solutions, cloud computing, outsourcing, IT and advisory services.

Celero offers reliability and security through its world-class hosted banking system and data center operations. With key partnerships across the globe, Celero also brings the scale and extensive capabilities of multinational technology companies and the focused expertise of fintech startups. For more information, visit