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For more than a decade, Celero has provided the Fiserv DNA® core banking platform to credit unions across Canada.

Did you know that Celero has been offering the Fiserv DNA® core banking platform to credit unions across Canada since 2005? Throughout that time, we have been trusted by over 100 Canadian credit unions to host more than 1.2 million members. Celero is also the only core banking provider to offer end-user training of the Fiserv DNA® platform, giving clients access to ongoing support and ensuring your team is onboarded effectively.

Our relationship with Fiserv has been a sixteen year strategic partnership that demonstrates both organizations’ commitment to providing Canadian credit unions with leading technology solutions to support their strategies, such as DNA®. The Celero and Fiserv partnership stems from a shared vision to deliver solutions that enable clients to address the shifting financial needs of today’s consumers and a move to a digital society. Both Celero and Fiserv recognized the opportunity to build on that shared vision and are committed to broadening and extending their relationship beyond core banking services.

With more than 15 years of experience providing this core banking platform to credit unions, we have gained the depth of knowledge required to execute conversions efficiently, ensuring minimal impact to your operations.

Learn more about our unparalleled expertise managing core banking conversions for Canadian credit unions by checking out the infographic below. (Clicking the image will display a larger version.)

Celero's Core Banking Experience. Celero is one of the largest providers of core banking services in the world. Experienced across multiple core banking platforms. Celero's conversion expertise is unparalled. Celero is one of Fiserv's largest global partners. 2007-2009 - Project Meta: Converted 115 credit unions from legacy systems to DNA. 2015 - Celero starts to expand nationally, offering hosting services for DNA clients coast to coast. 2021 - Celero extends hosting and licensing agreements to 2025-2027. 8 Acumen to DNA Conversions (FISERV PARTNERSHIP). 54 Mergers. 132 Conversions. 186 Total and growing. 74 Total Core Banking Clients.

To learn more about how Fiserv DNA™ core banking technology can scale to meet the needs of your credit union, talk to your Celero Account Executive or contact us.

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Celero is a leading provider of digital technology and integration solutions to credit unions and financial institutions across Canada. Clients trust Celero’s proven track record delivering innovative banking technologies, digital and payment solutions, cloud computing, outsourcing, IT and advisory services.

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