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Hundreds of credit unions across Canada trust us to help them overcome challenges and find new ways to offer better experiences to their members.

From keeping their critical infrastructure and data protected to helping them find innovative solutions that support their digital transformation initiatives, our breadth of IT expertise spans virtually all areas that matter most to credit unions.

We’ve demonstrated this expertise by showcasing how our solutions have helped credit unions solve complex technology requirements, unlocking new product offerings and business capabilities by tapping into our modern software, cyber security and automation know-how.

Five of these IT stories have been captured in case studies, illustrating our commitment to helping credit unions make the most of their essential financial services technologies. Explore each of them below to discover about how we provide practical, real-world solutions that credit unions are looking for.

Access Credit Union: Integrating a Custom-Built CRM with Celero’s Intergration Services

As one of Manitoba’s largest credit unions, Access Credit Union (Access) has the capacity to leverage their in-house integration and development team to innovate and test new ideas. In 2018, they took on an ambitious project to build their own customer relationship management (CRM) platform that would be highly customized to the needs of their credit union and their members.

This CRM (now known as Engage) would consolidate data from across their organization and eliminate the need for Access employees to make individual updates across multiple software systems. However, Access also needed an integration layer that would allow their employees to not only view information but to securely make changes to data in real-time.

Celero’s integration services was the solution to this challenge, providing API connectivity for their CRM, banking system and all of their current and future technologies. Read the full case study to learn more about the project.

Weyburn Credit Union: Putting Members First Through Digital Transformation

Weyburn Credit Union (Weyburn) serves members across rural Saskatchewan and prides itself on playing an important role in the community. Weyburn is known for providing outstanding in-branch service, but their leadership team recognized that they needed a to provide a digital experience that was equally as good.

The need for a modern digital experience was especially important for long-term growth and member retention, as the credit union wants younger members to continue banking with them as they leave their rural communities to pursue careers and education in larger city centres.

Weyburn engaged Celero Xperts™ to help them achieve their digital transformation goals and create a roadmap for success with tangible outcomes to measure their progress.

Read the full case study to learn about this initiative.

Kawartha Credit Union: Making the switch from a legacy banking system to DNA

As one of Ontario’s largest credit unions, Kawartha Credit Union (Kawartha) made the decision in 2016 to covert from a 25-year-old banking system, giving them the ability to offer members more modern banking experiences.

Kawartha selected Celero as their core banking provider and Fiserv DNA® as their new banking system in 2018, embarking on a journey to modernize their banking system through this complex project.

Our expert team led them through the entire conversion process — with end-user training and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition.

Learn more about their full experience in the Kawartha case study.

Encompass Credit Union: How a rural credit union transformed its IT infrastructure

After undergoing a merger, Encompass Credit Union (Encompass) needed to unify their IT infrastructure and modernize their systems to achieve better stability, security and the capacity to scale their business.

As a rural credit union, Encompass had to weigh their options between significantly scaling up their internal IT team or outsourcing their IT to a provider. After completing a cost-benefit analysis, it became clear that a managed services agreement with Celero would provide Encompass with the IT resources and future scalability they needed to sustain long-term growth.

We worked with Encompass to completely revamp their infrastructure from the ground up, ensuring they were in-line with the latest compliance standards and allowing them to maintain secure modern hardware and software.

Read more about managed services in the full case study.

Cornerstone Credit Union’s journey to become a data-driven organization

Cornerstone Credit Union (Cornerstone) wanted to better leverage their banking data from across their organization to gain insights into their business and membership, allowing them to adopt a philosophy of data-driven decision making.

They needed a tool that could pull information from across their different systems and present it in aggregate to give a more holistic view of key areas of their business. They also wanted to deepen their understanding of members’ digital experiences to server them better and deliver solutions for the right banking products at exactly the right time.

Cornerstone partnered with Celero to pilot and bring to market a data analytics solution tailored to the needs of credit unions. This included a custom dashboard that presents data in a clear and meaningful way for interpretation.

Learn more about this project and Cornerstone’s journey to become a data-driven organization in the full case study.

Have questions about how Celero can help your credit union evolve to meet members needs in an ever-changing technology landscape? Contact us or your Celero Account Executive to learn more about our solutions.

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