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Every financial institution relies on their core banking system combined with other technologies to operate. Core banking systems and banking technologies are complex, and require a deep understanding of their functionalities to use their tools effectively. Educating employees and building knowledge capacity across an organization for new technologies is a significant undertaking that takes time, effort and expertise.

As an IT company, we recognize that onboarding employees to new technologies and building that knowledge capacity is one of the most challenging parts of implementation. It’s for this reason that we’ve created dedicated training programs to help credit unions transition employees from legacy systems to new, more modern applications.

We provided end-to-end employee training of the DNA core banking system for years, leveraging the knowledge of our staff (who know DNA inside and out) to build a comprehensive program for credit unions. The training, implementation and support component of our core banking system offering is one of the key drivers that sets us apart from other core banking system providers. Credit unions who migrate to DNA with us often tell us that employees training is an essential part of their conversion.

I want to thank you and your team for sharing your knowledge and providing guidance from your experience. We were able to create a detailed training plan for our End Users here at TCU. The combination of self-led training from the eLMS, along with live sessions based on functional knowledge from our own Champions turned out to be a great combination. The online self-led training program was immensely helpful, and the investment in the eLMS licenses turned out to be essential. – Kellie Mason, TCU

Our Training Program Principles

The success of our DNA core banking training program led us to expand our training offering and create new training programs for digital banking and Celero Support Desk. We’ve applied the same training strategies and incorporated change management coaching practices to create training programs that are proven to be effective

Our training programs all follow five basic principles that we believe are essential:

  • We use a Learner Centric training model for “Implementations” and “Ongoing Learning Opportunities”
  • We use a Blended Learning approach to help credit unions navigate operational changes.
  • Our delivery methods combine instructor-led “Virtual Classroom” delivery and “Self-Learning” modules
  • Our “just-in-time” delivery approach ensures short, topic-specific modules are available to learners when they need it. This approach ensures enhanced knowledge retention and productivity.
  • We bring awareness to change management activities to help with employee resistance and support change enablers to sustain change.

Since 2020, we’ve made some great strides and ongoing improvement to our training programs to enhance them even further. This includes launching our new DNA Foundations Self-Learning Courses, DNA Features Self-Learning Courses, and digital banking Self-Learning Courses. We also enhanced our virtual classroom model to deliver pre-schedule instructor-led courses based on credit union needs.

We trained several of our Champions from various departments early, and the ongoing expertise and support from the Celero training team on DNA 100 and DNA 200 End User training proved to be invaluable for our conversion. The self-led training provided by Celero gave us creditability with our end-users. We are thankful for the guidance provided by the Celero training team members throughout this past year as we completed our transition to DNA. – Kellie Mason, TCU

Implementation and Post-Implementation Training

Credit unions who sign up for our training programs follow a three-step process for training: implementation or conversion training, post-implementation training, and continuous improvement training for best practices and new features.

Implementation Training

Our implementation training programs for DNA and digital banking ensure credit unions conversion and implementation teams have the knowledge, skills and confidence required to maintain their credit union’s high standard of customer service.

We view these programs as the beginning of their knowledge journey as they learn how to work with the new technology and work towards change adoption and benefits realization. We take a blended learning approach to deliver the optimal education solution tailored to create a safe and engaging learning environment.

The program is used to educate all members of an implementation team and is not just a “train the trainer” program. The credit union implementation team is empowered to determine how to operationalize learning content in their day-to-day processes and procedures, and manage the change impact for their employees and their members.

End-User Training Program

Credit unions work with the Celero training team to build their own end-user training program for their employees as they implement the new technology. We strongly believe that successful end-user adoption is key to ensure a successful implementation. Our end-user training program includes not only learning the new technology, but navigating this large change using organization change management strategies and tools. We ensure member-facing employees can adopt the new platform while being able to complete their daily tasks seamlessly so there is minimal impact to members.

Post-Implementation Training Program

After a credit union has converted to DNA or implemented digital banking, they move to the post-implementation stage. We believe learning never stops, so we provide a post-implementation program that includes:

Self-Directed eLMS: Credit unions can manage learning with online sessions completed at employees’ own pace right from their own computers. Credit unions receive five free licenses to access our Celero eLearning Management System (eLMS), and each license automatically receives unlimited access to over 25 hours of self-learning content.

The DNA Foundations Self Learning program is one of the most popular programs on the eLMS. This program introduces new users to the fundamentals of DNA and is a fantastic tool to help onboard new employees. Currently we offer 20 self-learning courses, and work is underway to enhance our digital banking foundations course that will launch in 2023.

Instructor-Led Virtual Classroom (scheduled): Instructor-led training is delivered online, with participants accessing the session from the comfort of their own location. In addition to our self-directed learning, we release an instructor-led schedule that provides credit unions with the opportunity to go to the eLMS and register for and instructor-led session to help them expand their knowledge.

To enhance the learning experience, credit unions participate in courses alongside other credit unions. Instructor-led training schedules are available on the Celero Extranet and the Celero eLMS. Some of the most popular classes this year were DNA300 Employee Authorizations, DNA301 PDF Forms, CV100 CRM Bi Publisher and Report Writer, just to name a few. New instructor-led training courses will be released in Q1 2023.

Continuous Improvement Training for Best Practices and New Features

When there are major releases and new features available in DNA or digital banking, we create a self-learning or instructor led training session to educate credit union employees.

Based on requests from our credit unions, continuous improvement training is offered to assist in onboarding new employees, improving existing skills, or when employees change job roles. Custom sessions are delivered to credit unions based on their pre-assessed needs and are completed as individual service requests.

We also work with credit unions to complete occasional Health Check. A Health Check is an opportunity a credit union to:

  • Work directly with Celero subject matter experts leveraging DNA and Digital banking knowledge to enhance the member experience
  • Identify any quick wins and address areas of improvement

Over the past two years, we are proud to have delivered our DNA Conversion Training Program to help six new credit unions implement DNA in their daily operations. We also worked with over 30 credit unions to deliver our digital banking training program to implement the new platform for members. In 2021, we provided ServiceNow training for our credit union clients to help them onboard to our new and improved Celero Support Service Desk.

Our years of DNA and recent digital banking experience, combined with credit union knowledge and a variety of learning techniques and tools, ensures credit unions have the knowledge, skills and confidence required to maintain their high standard of customer service thanks to our comprehensive training programs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about employee training.

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Kim Hall
Senior Manager, Core Banking Training
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