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With Celero’s suite of Security Services you can ensure that every layer of your credit union is secure.

As financial services move forward with an enhanced digital experience, the risk of cyber-attacks also continues to grow. As the cybersecurity world evolves, it’s important that your credit union is prepared for possible threats. Be proactive and shield your credit union from the ever-changing cybersecurity universe now.

Cybercrime is more complex than ever and requires leading-edge technologies to protect your organization and your members. Our Security Services are designed to protect credit unions of any size with multiple layers of security. Having state-of-the-art security services allows your organization to focus on improving member experience and reduces concerns about potential cyber risks. Keep reading to discover all of the product offerings in Celero’s security suite.

Managed SIEM Services

Celero’s managed security services delivers à la carte options, including 24/7 threat monitoring using a best-of-breed Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Services solution​, endpoint protection, security device management, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, threat and risk assessments, incident management and digital forensics, and a security maturity assessment. Shift your focus from basic compliance to explicit risk management and proactive event response with our complete, industry leading solution.

Our Managed SIEM offers a sophisticated cyber security monitoring solution with:

  • Analytics focused on identifying suspicious and malicious behavior
  • Security alert monitoring and notification
  • Monthly technical security reporting
  • Summary report of all security-related incidents
  • Ongoing security policy tuning and recommendations to ensure effective security
  • 24/7 service from highly skilled and experienced staff

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web ID Monitoring detects compromised credentials in real-time on the dark web and notifies you immediately when these critical assets are compromised before they can be used for identity theft, data breaches or other crime. Digital credentials, such as usernames and passwords, connect you and your employees to critical business applications, as well as online services. Unfortunately, criminals know this — and that’s why digital credentials are among the most valuable assets found on the dark web.

Far too often, companies that have had their credentials compromised and sold on the dark web don’t know it until they have been informed by law enforcement —but by then, it’s too late. According to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), small and medium-sized businesses may have more to lose than larger organizations, because cybersecurity events can be costly and threaten their survival.

Celero has partnered with industry leader, ID Agent, who reports 80,000 + compromised emails daily by constantly monitoring hidden chat rooms, private websites, peer-to-peer networks, IRC channels, social media platforms and black-market sites.

Preventative Care

Our Preventative Care program offers you peace of mind that your laptops, desktops, and servers virus definitions are up to date through Symantec Anti-virus, and that your standard Microsoft software is up to date with the latest software patches.

Preventative Care gives you the ability to focus on serving your members rather than on the security of your workstations and servers through our proactive monitoring, maintenance and reporting of the status of your systems. With Preventative Care, you’ll receive one more layers of risk mitigation against infection by any individual user of a device that is connected to the internet through daily, weekly and monthly maintenance, scanning, updating and reporting of virus definitions and Microsoft software patches as they are released from the vendors.

Digital Risk Protection

As part of our suite of security solutions, we have partnered with Fiserv to offer Canadian credit unions a Digital Risk Protection (DRP) service. DRP provides the capability to monitor external threats across all environments and digital assets.

Cybercriminals use phishing, social media sites, steal credit and/or debit cards and harvest personal information and credentials to deceive your members and take over account data. The DRP solution helps you stay ahead of them.

Key Features

  • Detection of brand-impersonating domains, fake social media sites and unauthorized mobile applications using a wide range of open proprietary data sources
  • Monitoring of new domain registrations to quickly identify phishing campaigns
  • Advanced detection of lookalike domains and subdomains
  • Detection of domains involved in large-scale phishing email campaigns
  • Ongoing monitoring of suspicious domains and real-time alerts when phishing campaigns go live
  • Takedown service that leverages our 24/7 security operation centers (SOC) to take immediate action on your behalf and quickly remove threats
  • Near real-time alerts and client-facing web portal for superior reporting

Key Benefits

  • Constantly searches for mentions of bank identification numbers and compromised email credentials, in instant messaging as well as the deep web and dark web
  • Issues alerts identifying threat actors and the platforms where they are operating
  • Produces actionable and tailored intelligence through our strategic and operational external threat hunting, based on the latest threat trends in the financial sector and specific business needs
  • Monitors closed groups in four distinct instant-messaging applications
  • Provides continuous, 24/7 defense against emerging threats through SOCs located around the world

Secure Email

We provide Secure Email for credit unions that subscribe to our managed Office 365 services.   As credit unions move towards a paperless environment and increase remote interaction with members and vendors, the ability to communicate and send information in a secure manner is an essential feature.

Secure email services are provided to credit unions in partnership with Echoworx™ using their OneWorld email encryption solution. OneWorld is an email encryption solution that makes intelligent decisions to encrypt messages using the best possible delivery method for the intended recipient. It provides organizations with an easy way to enforce email encryption without changing the way employees send and receive emails.

With our secure email services, you get:

  • Protection of confidential data including account information, applications, statements, forms, and more
  • Fulfillment of regulatory compliance requirements and mandates
  • The ability to communicate securely with other organization’s email encryption technologies

IT Risk Assessment

Identify and mitigate risks with an IT Risk Assessment that will access risks related to IT systems, data, privacy and corporate IT resources. It will identify risks that are present in your current information technology controls, policies, procedures and processes and assess them against the ISO/ IEC 27002:2005 industry standard.

Having an IT Risk Assessment is only the first step in addressing security vulnerabilities or ensuing compliance with your provincial regulator. We want to help you address risks and follow recommendations from your IT Risk Assessment by focusing on the items that are highest priority.

Celero can assist you in your risk remediation journey by providing policies and procedures customized to your credit union that will alleviate the identified risks.

Password Manager

Every organization must implement a secure identity and access management platform to protect their digital identity, their data, and their business continuity.

With the mass migration to remote work and the increased dependency on cloud applications to run daily business operations, secure identity and access management is the cornerstone that enables the right people to have the right access to the right resources — all from the right devices and locations.

At a time when the threat of cyberattacks has never been greater, and with nearly 80% percent of all data breaches happening due to lost, weak or stolen passwords, it’s critical to select the right secure identity and access management platform. Passly provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution to enable security, compliance and efficiency.

Security Training

Cybercrime is a significant concern for credit unions. Your employees are frequently exposed to all types of sophisticated social engineering attacks, and all it takes is one mistake to create opportunities for attack and weaknesses in your network security. Whether it’s phishing, spear-phishing, executive whaling or CEO fraud, your employees need to be trained to stay alert and recognize common cybercrime tactics.

Good cybersecurity relies on good human security. We’ve partnered with KnowBe4 to provide credit unions with comprehensive enterprise Security Awareness Training for their employees. This program is taught by technical experts and includes baseline testing using mock attacks, engaging interactive web-based training for employees, and continuous employee assessment measured through simulated phishing, vishing and smishing attacks to build a more resilient and secure organization.

Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services (RDS), provides the ability to host remote applications on dedicated virtual servers in Celero’s cloud environment. RDS will enable your mobile workforce to use applications like DNA securely and efficiently through a web portal. The execution of these apps happens in the Celero environment, with only the screen sharing, keyboard and mouse information being transferred over the wide area network. This results in data security and enhanced end user experience due to the low bandwidth requirements.

Celero’s RDS solution will:

  • Enable quicker deployment of applications
  • Enable a mobile workforce
  • Improve data access at the branch

Virtual Private Network Solutions

Public wi-fi networks usually do not encrypt traffic, and that means anyone on the same network can try to snoop on your traffic. Avoid transmitting any sensitive data — such as logins, passwords and credit card data — over public Wi-Fi and use a VPN to encrypt your data and protect it from prying eyes. Celero offers Mobile Single Workstation VPN, Browser-Based SSL VPN, LAN-Based VPS and Lan-Based VPN (Third Party Owned Endpoint) to keep you secure.

Cybersecurity is sure to be a path faced with numerous challenges and obstacles for credit unions. It’s essential to understand and audit your credit union’s entire information security landscape. Celero can help put your mind at ease by managing, mitigating and solving security concerns. To learn more about how Celero can assist you with all your security needs and questions, talk to your Celero Account Executive or contact us

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