Celero delivers unprecedented conversion-merger for Carpathia and North Winnipeg Credit Unions

Celero has undertaken and completed a complex, joint conversion and merger core banking process, delivering a successful outcome for Carpathia and North Winnipeg Credit Unions.

The two credit unions engaged Celero to lead the conversion of North Winnipeg Credit Unions’ legacy data into Carpathia Credit Union’s DNA instance. The conversion-merger took place over the course of 6 months and was completed entirely virtually.

“Celero has significant experience in both conversions and merging core banking systems, but this was our first conversion-merger with this new process. Delivering on this project was an incredibly exciting opportunity, but it had some daunting challenges, particularly executing this virtually, due to COVID-19.  Our conversion team used meticulous planning and ingenuity to deliver the outcomes Carpathia and North Winnipeg were seeking,” says Tracy Morin, General Manager, Core Banking Solutions, Celero.

New innovative process
The biggest challenge of the conversion-merger process was how to inject the data from the legacy core banking system directly into an existing DNA platform – maintaining the target database’s integrity, while also ensuring the source data mapped to the correct branches and products.

The team had to deliver a new process and solution – while operating virtually – that would integrate the two data sets and ensure consistency and usability for the merging credit unions.

In succeeding, Celero now has a new proven process for conversion-mergers that will streamline future projects of this type and positions the team for continual innovation of its conversion-merger processes and tools.

“We value the confidence Carpathia and North Winnipeg placed in us to deliver on such a complex project, and the camaraderie and collaboration between the teams to achieve this critical part of their merger,” Morin adds.
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