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Celero Xchange™

Open Banking is coming, so now’s the time to prepare

With the presence of Open Banking worldwide, making its way to Canada, digital transformation is increasingly important to the success of financial institutions. As digital transformation and omnichannel strategies become increasingly important to remain competitive in the financial sector, Celero’s clients have faced challenges with how disparate technologies can co-exist and interoperate. Celero Xchange™ solves this issue for Celero clients and improves their speed-to-market as they deploy new financial tools for their members.

Enable the experiences your members desire

Celero Xchange™ digital integration ecosystem platform enables financial institutions to seamlessly connect their secure platforms, such as their core banking system, to fintech applications – without the complexity of managing different standards for sharing data between products and partners.

Celero Xchange™ is a critical component of Celero’s digital ecosystem, supporting digital transformation and omnichannel banking strategies by enabling true integration capabilities for financial institutions.

Prioritize security, while improving member’s lives

Built on safe, secure infrastructure, the platform simplifies how different systems and applications talk to each other and work together in exchanging data; it also offers cloud-ready capability for future extensibility.

Connect your internally-built solutions

With this solution, Celero’s clients can easily and affordably integrate new functionality into their core banking platform to deploy new financial tools to their account holders. Whether these are fintech partners’ solutions or a solution you’ve built internally, Celero Xchange™ can accelerate your innovation strategy.

You’re not the first

Celero Xchange™ is a proven technology, supporting multiple financial institutions and solutions to enhance the real time digital services that can be provided to members and employees. Through this proven success, you can trust the implementation, onboarding and training processes leave you feeling comfortable and capable of building your financial institution’s integration strategy.

Why Celero Xchange

Integrate new functions and capabilities – Credit unions can accelerate their digital transformation and omnichannel banking strategies by making it easier to integrate multiple apps and systems that add new features and functionality to their core banking platform.

Speed-to-market – Celero Xchange solves the challenges of having disparate technologies co-existing by enabling interoperability that improves speed-to-market with new financial tools.

Flexibility – Designed to be flexible and adaptable, Celero Xchange allows different digital systems, data and devices to link together and exchange data quickly and seamlessly – without speaking the same language.

Affordability – Celero Xchange is an affordable way to expand the financial services and solutions credit unions can offer to their members.

Scalability – Credit unions to work together to identify and invest in innovation or blaze a path of their own, which gives them the ability to control their deployment of digital capabilities.

Proven technology – Celero Xchange supports multiple financial institutions and solutions, with many more coming on to the platform to enhance the real time digital services that can be provided to members and employees. Examples include Me-Dian Credit Union with QCash and Connect First Credit Union with Newgen.

Credit union-focused innovation – As digital transformation grows, Celero Xchange ensures credit unions can easily and quickly embrace the fintech digital solutions – our innovation roadmap is based off credit union priorities.
Work with a proven integrator – Celero’s core banking expertise and strong vendor relationships accelerate the integration process – fintechs are added to Celero Xchange in approximately four weeks. Integration occurs with minimal intervention from Celero, providing fintech providers and developers with greater independence. In addition, Celero has access to market insights and partnerships that share priorities for innovation.

Open API standards – Celero supports open industry standards, such as CUFX, which enables developers to create new solutions without the complexity or constraint of managing multiple standards between different products and customers, ensuring easier, reliable technology integration and maintenance. CUFX sets forth a single global standard for data exchange between credit unions and their technology providers. Celero also supports ISO 8583 and XML/JSON for legacy core banking integrations.

Designed for developers – Celero Xchange is configured with tools that enable seamless and efficient development. Developers have access to a secure developer portal for testing, reporting and analytics, and can utilize the deployment model created by Celero’s core banking development team to streamline implementation and updates through the core banking system.

Continuous, credit-union focused innovation – Celero’s integration roadmap is built from credit unions’ innovation priorities.

Advanced digital integration

Celero Xchange™ is currently able to accelerate the successful integration of third-party vendors into your digital ecosystem. If you’d like to leverage Celero Xchange™ to enable these digital solutions, please contact your Account Executive.

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Integration roadmap

The Celero Xchange™ roadmap includes multiple solutions that will leverage our exciting integration capabilities and expand the limitless potential of our digital ecosystem.

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