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Our deep Office 365 product knowledge and wealth of credit union expertise allows you to stay focused on your business while we manage your environment.

Microsoft Office 365 breaks down organizational boundaries and allows employees to work together easily. We sat down with Celero’s Team Lead of Cloud Services, Jason Palansky, to get the inside scoop on lessons learned from our Office 365 implementations.

Keep reading to discover the repeatable processes Jason and the Cloud Team have developed to create a seamless and secure integration process to ensure your data is protected and your business is kept running smoothly.

Question: How many Office 365 migrations has Celero executed?

Answer: We have completed 56 credit union Office 365 migrations since the fall of 2019. This tremendous task represents approximately 3000 individual users, 4000 different mailboxes and over 4.0 TB of data.

Question: What has our expert team learned about the repeatable process?

Answer: I would break this down into three parts:

  • Understanding the ask. While many parts are repeatable, each credit union is unique. Once we understand the ask, then it’s a matter of breaking each portion into its many parts.
  • People make the difference. Working with the most intelligent and driven techs, project managers, and procurement specialists make the impossible possible.
  • Communication is key. Making sure we have a connection with each customer and understand their unique needs.

Question: What do credit unions need to do to prepare before moving to the cloud?

Answer: Credit union can simply reach out to their Account Executive and indicate their desire to migrate to Office 365. You’ll spend some time with the Cloud Services team initially and leave the rest up to us.

My advice to credit unions would be to come to the project with the understanding that we are going to have some bumps on the road to success. Be familiar with your current environment and embrace the change that comes with modernizing your daily routines.

Question: What benefits have credit unions realized since their migration?

Answer: This is a journey, and we are taking it together. Most credit unions are realizing how much we can place in the cloud, and by doing so it makes those day-to-day repeatable tasks so much simpler.

Due to COVID, we have had to change — and change doesn’t come easy to most. But with Office 365, we’ve found that working from home is not only an option, it’s an offering going forward for their employees. Sharing, collaborating and communicating has only become easier and more natural via Teams, Outlook and SharePoint.

Question: How does Celero prepare credit union employees for the transition?

Answer: We have created an extensive library of materials for credit unions employees before, during and after migration to increase adoption and bring your employees into the new digital era.

Question: Can credit unions that are not on Celero’s legacy Microsoft systems migrate to Office 365?

Answer: Absolutely! With our crawl, walk, run approach we are now able to offer the same white glove treatment that our current credit union clients have come to love to everyone.

Want to learn about how Microsoft Office 365 can break down organization boundaries and allow employees to work together easily? Please contact us or talk to your Celero Account Executive to learn more, or to request a demo.

Headshot of Jason Palansky.
Jason Plaansky
Jason leads our Cloud Services team at Celero to enable Canadian credit unions to future-proof their systems with scalability, responsiveness and security. He is an experienced Desktop Administrator and Infrastructure Administrator with over 20 years in the Information & Communication industry.
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