Account and Loan Origination

Simplify account opening and loan origination processes

Celero Xcelerators Account & Loan Origination

ASAPP account and loan origination

We’ve partnered with ASAPP Financial Technology Inc. to offer credit unions a complete online and in-branch account opening solution, and a simplified loan origination process for retail and small business members.

This digital onboarding solution integrates directly with your DNA account processing platform and offers a high level of configurability to create a seamless omnichannel user experience, making it a powerful tool to help grow your business.

We help your credit union implement ASAPP’s onboarding solution to address services your members are looking for, including:

  • Savings and chequing accounts
  • Term deposits, RSPs, RIFs
  • Loans, lines-of-credit, mortgages and overdraft protection
  • Small business accounts and lines-of-credit


QCash Small Dollar Loans

Credit unions can now give members access to micro loans in under 60 seconds with QCash. Unlike traditional lending, QCash relies on the existing relationship you have with your members to instantly originate, underwrite and fund loan requests.

Credit unions can offer highly competitive rates on small dollar loans compared to traditional payday lenders. This short-term lending solution uses the behavioral metrics of an applicant that are controlled and set by each credit union, and doesn’t require you to pull a credit report. The relationship underwriting process is fully automated, customizable and compliant with lending regulations.

QCash is integrated with Celero Xchange™ and can be offered as an in-branch solution, a stand-alone mobile solution or can be integrated with your digital banking products.

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